PCard - Visa Debit Card for Students

Students can now purchase items using a Visa Debit Card issued by the college


Give a Visa Debit Card to your students with tightly controlled spending restrictions
Provides a physical Visa Debit Card to your students
Restrictons on how, where and when the money can be spent
Cards can be cancelled almost instantly in the case of a leaver
No more bank uploads
No more travel passes to buy
Money on a card is topped up to a card weekly so there is no chance of overspend
Instant allocation of money to a card in the case of emergency
Very low cost transaction fees (max 16p per transaction)
Recoup and un-spent funding back to your college bank account

Online Store

Students can now purchase items using money allocted from within PayMyStudent or pay by card or PayPal.

Online Store bursary purchase
Online Store bursary purchase


Our low cost integrated online store has it all
PCI DSS & GDPR compliant
Students can spend bursary money
Mobile responsive
Credit/debit card and PayPal
Integrates with PayMyStudent bursary
Low cost
Low cost transactions with our partner
Rules based product visibility


See how we can help your college save time and money

Online Apps
Online Apps


Why PayMyStudent is the leader in Bursary and Fund Management
Everything in one place
Students can apply online
Upload evidence using a phone
Real time budget reporting
Linked to student records data
Calculates distance and tube fares
Instant view of eligible funding
No more looking up attendance
Payment runs in minutes
Easy assessment process
PCI DSS & GDPR compliant
UK data centre

The System

Designed for colleges, by colleges. PayMyStudent handles everything from assessment and payments to reporting and communication with students.

Fully Integrated

We integrate with your student records and finance systems in real-time. View courses, attendance, timetable data, even photos.

Online Bursary Applications

Applying online is as easy as it's even been. On a mobile or PC, students can upload evidence, answer all your questions and validate their bank details.

Online Store

Whether you need to take payments for college deposits, course fees or, in fact, anything, students can pay securely by card online using our Online Store.

Free College Meals

Using our Data Feed module, PayMyStudent will import and export data to and from your existing systems and manage your Free College Meals allowances and payments.


Extracting student and payment data is a one-click process. For those more complicated reports, we have dozens available that have been designed by colleges.


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We simplify bursary and fund management

Simplify paying your students and control your funds with our pioneering and intuitive software. PayMyStudent reduces the amount of time taken to process payments to your students whilst maintaining full control of your existing processes thus making you more efficient. As PayMyStudent puts you in control of which funds are made available, you can change the funding rules as soon as the governing body does. Any fund can be managed using PayMyStudent, whether it is a government supplied bursary fund, a private fund or money from any source.


Any updates to the software, all telephone, email support and maintenance plus regular data backups are included.


PayMyStudent integrates with all known student records and finance systems using our data connectors.


Our servers comply with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) and use TLS 1.2 encryption ensuring total security.


Here's what some of our colleges had to say...

Greenhead College

The PayMyStudent software has transformed our whole bursary process from applications to payments. With the ability to contact students promptly and efficiently, the software enables us to complete/approve applications, arrange refunds and pay students.

The system is easy to navigate and provides the information needed at the touch of a button. Our bursary and attendance office are now practically paperless, due to this easy to use system. Support is friendly and always to hand if we need assistance. PayMyStudent has proved to be an excellent product and we would highly recommend it.

Jennifer Mumford-Lloyd, Student Registration & Bursary Manager

Oldham College

The system itself has created a lot of efficiencies within our Student Finance team, streamlining the way we deliver payments to our students and helping us deal with them more effectively, as we have instant access to their student finance records so we can answer queries quickly.

The PayMyStudent team are always on hand to support us and are very receptive to suggestions on enhancing the system – many of our suggestions they have listened to and where possible implemented.

Sarah Roberts, Student Finance Co-Ordinator

Sir John Deane's College

PayMyStudent has improved the whole application and management of the 16-19 Bursary fund saving time for College staff and giving the student applicants a faster response once they have applied online.

It’s easy to use and provides information quickly and easily. This is our second year using PayMyStudent and I don’t know how we managed beforehand. The Support team are great providing a fast and helpful service, all in all an excellent product.

Sharon Shakeshaft, Finance


Some of the awesome colleges we work with every day!