PCard - Give your students a Visa Debit Card to spend their bursary money

If you provide money to students in the form of BACS payments directly to student bank accounts, you don't know what they spend it on. The PCard solves this problem by storing the actual transaction data from the card as and when they money is spent, as payments in PayMyStudent.

If you have to purchase termly bus passes, you are possibly overspending to a great degree. Students leave. They don't attend and therefore a lot of money is wasted. The PCard wolves this by allowing you to allocate money onto the card for a specific week for a specific category of spending. I.e. a Bus ticket only. This means that only when a student attends college the money is spent.

You have full control over the money that is allocated to students on their cards through PayMyStudent and what they can spend the money on.

Providing funding to those who cannot receive cash is also now possible as the card spending controls heavily limit how the card can be used.