Online Store - Take card and bursary payments with ease

Taking payments from students, for items such as college deposits, course fees, etc., has never been easier. PayMyStudent now integrates seamlessly with almost any online card payment processor. Our Online Store enables students and parents to pay for items, defined by the college, securely using their credit or debit card.

For instance, if you need to take a deposit from each student when they join the college, the deposit invoice can be shown to the student as they login to our Online Store. When the student or parent pays, this information is captured securely and presented to staff, within the college, inside PayMyStudent.

Alternatively, if you wish to promote certain products to students, such as event tickets, course materials or other merchandise, within a few clicks students could be paying for these items online.

PayMyStudent has an intelligent funding engine which can control the products/items that are shown to students for them to purchase. Our method of linking into college based student data makes it incredibly simple, for colleges themselves, to also control products and items that require payment. College data is analysed in real time and payment information can be fed back instantly.

Almost every student has a mobile phone, so we designed our student gfacing software to work perfectly on any smartphone. Payments can be made in a few clicks and, combined with our SMS service, communication is quick and effective.